May 2nd, 2007

b/g - in the library

Mod Post: Clarification about Posting

Hey guys, EB and I were talking, and we just want to clarify something - when you sign up for a day here at SOG, it doesn't mean that you can only post one fic or one piece of art on that day.

Of course, if you only want to post one thing, that's totally fine! But if you have multiple fics that you've been writing, you should feel free to post 'em all! Or say you wanted to do a fic and a drabble call - since it's your day, you can feel free to post everything on that day. Or heck, if you're an artist and a fic writer, you can mix and match posting both artwork and fic on your day.

We've already had a couple of people who are both artists and writers take two days (and they've noted they'll be posting fic on one and art on the other). We love this!  It is absolutely fine, too!

But we don't want you to feel limited if you've signed up for one day and you have multiple things to post. Some of the best days last year were when we were given the opportunity to see a full range of creations from the same person.

So if you're a die hard gen-ficcer but you want to try your hand at writing a pairing - post 'em both to the same day and let us see how your experiment goes. Or if you want to experiment with a variation on a theme (like two of our members apreludetoanend and savoytruffle did on their spring_with_xan day here - check it out even if you're not a Spander shipper, the way they're playing with narrative structure is super-cool), that would be fantastic too.

And again, if there's any confusion, don't hesitate to ask your mods! That's what we're here for after all!

*mucho loves*
kate & eb

OH, and PS - did you guys notice we have at least one person for all posting days except one?! Because we did! And we're super stoked because the sign up period is only halfway over!! But now's the time - if you notice that any of your favorite Giles artists/writers that haven't signed up for a day, you can always gently ping them now and suggest they sign up!