July 31st, 2006

b/g - in the library

Well, it's over, but the love goes on!

I cannot begin to thank you all for everything you've done to make this comm successful!  And what a success it's been: in 60 short days we were gifted with contributions from more than 20 artists and more than 35 writers.  I'm proud to say we have 117 entries in our memories, and 35 tags (with mutliple uses).  Although I'm going to be doing a quick run through to double check, as of right now we are tagged and memoried for your reading (or re-reading) and viewing (or reveiwing) pleasure!

Even though I said I couldn't begin, well, I've got to try.  First off, this comm wouldn't exist without the giddy, encouraging and often wise support I got from elizabuffy.  And it wouldn't have been nearly as calm without the behind-the-scenes advice from snash_attack.  What's more, my grateful thanks go to all of the fabulous people on my flist who filled out my first little poll and then signed up in the first few days and gave me hope this comm could work.  And my undying gratitude goes out to the amazing contributors who quietly went about posting intriguging work on their day, sharing their hard efforts with us all, provoking all those happy thoughts about Giles.  I cannot help but be unbearably grateful to those contributors who signed up for more than one day, giving us yummy Giles-y goodness on multiple occasions. I know they had a ton of other work on their plates, and they took the time and shared amazing work, not once, but twice, and sometimes three times.  Also, there are no real words to express the relief, delight, and gratitude I have for the people who helped out in a pinch, posting on the spur of the moment after a slightly frantic email from me asked if they'd fill in for someone who couldn't make their day. And there's one special set of people I can't forget - thank you to every one of you who pimped this comm, who mentioned you were posting, who adopted our icons as your own, and who generally got the word out so that we could have such a fantastic crowd to hang out with this summer.

Finally, though, this comm is successful because of each and every one of you that read/watched our posts.  You are the audience, the ones who challenge our contributors to create, the ones they hope to inspire or encourage or please.  It is your contributions of reading, and commenting - even if it was a single comment - that help keep this fandom alive.

I have been constantly awed at all of the the talent, love and support that you all have shown in these last 60 days.  You made me grateful you were all willing to help me celebrate Giles, and obviously adored him as much as I do.  I hope some of these fabulous artworks and some of the beautiful writing got to you too. 

As a thank you I have a little present.  Please, everybody who has this comm friended, everyone who's left a comment, posted an icon, wrote a drabble, please click on the lj-cut and grab your favorite - I really did make them for each and every one of you (even if there are too many of you for me to put on individual names).

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Lastly, if anyone's contribution did get to you ... if one line or one icon made your day better, made your eyes brighter, made you love Giles a little bit more (or reminded you why you loved him in the first place)... please consider nominating our contributors to the awards listed below.  They all accept nominations of Giles-related work (with restrictions listed in parenthesis).  It's just another way to show love.

+ Fang Fetish Awards (Although they have a lot of Spuffy, they also have categories for non-spuffy and vampire-centric ... so rec your fav G/Spike)  Open NOW until Sept 3rd!
+ Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards (Takes all pairings - known as the SunnyD Awards) Open NOW until Sept 26!
+ White Knight Awards (Takes Xander-centric work, so rec your fav G/X)  Open NOW until November 26!

And a couple that aren't currently open, but are absolutely great award sites (so hey, meme 'em and save 'em for a rainy day):
+ Bodice Ripper Awards (Devoted entirely to Giles) new round of nominations opens in September
+ Happy Ending Awards (Devoted to happy endings!) new round of nominations opens in January 2007
+ Shades of Grey Awards (these are, in my opinion, the classic btvs awards) New round of nominations not yet set (but winners announced in August)

AND, the only graphic award site that I know of in the Buffy-verse:
+ Sunnydale Fan Art Awards (Devoted entirely to graphics) currently judging, new round of nominations not yet set (but winners announced in August)

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
As many as you can

Five to One - Giles/Ethan fic by Piratepurple

Slipping in just under the wire here, but I finished!

Title: Five to One
Author: piratepurple
Pairing: Rupert Giles/Ethan Rayne
Rating: NC17 overall.
Warnings: Mild kink, non-graphic references to torture and sexual abuse, general angst.
Notes: Sort of betaed. I was in a rush.
Summary: After seven years, Giles reaches out to Ethan, just in time.

Part one: No one here gets out alive.

Part two: Coming back to life.

Epilogue: Two years later.