July 30th, 2006

b/g - look of love

Fic: Ticklish (Buffy/Giles) G

Title: Ticklish
Pairing: G/B
Rating: G?  Something light and fluffy
Summary: Buffy’s bored, and it’s summertime.  What’s a college girl to do but bug her Watcher?
Timeline: Summer between Season 4 & 5 (sorry, Riley’s not in this picture)
Disclaimer: The real fact is that no infringement on any copyright of any kind is intended, and I’m simply borrowing some names and places and will give them back when I’m done.  I’ll even clean them up afterwards.  Promise.
Feedback: Much welcomed and forever appreciated. 
Notes:  To Neil.  You'll probably be able to figure out why.  (and sadly, this is unbetaed ... so I guess you're warned!)

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