July 25th, 2006

tara!smile by kate

FIC: The Nightmare On Oakpark Street (Gen) G

Title: The Nightmare On Oakpark Street
Author: elizabuffy
Pairing: Gen (Giles, Miss Kitty Fantastico)
Rating: G
Summary: A charming study of the human/cat relationship.
Notes: This is bordering on (and probably firmly in the territory of) bad!fic. The premise started because a lot of fics with Giles mention his terrible scars. This is my completely whimsical, supposedly funny, way of explaining how he got them.
Thanks: To katekat1010. Dude, you seriously rock my socks. Not only did you have the arduous task of betaing this...twice, you also talked me through the whole posting bit. :) Anything that is coherent is purely her fault. Also huge thanks to my beloved best friend, phendog for betaing the first, nearly unreadable, draft. *snuggles you*

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