July 21st, 2006

b/g - in the library

Feedback Friday (The Weekly Roundup)

Look at that!  A roundup that's getting posted on time!  And there were bunches of lovelies to enjoy this week.  So in case you missed them, here they are to enjoy... or perhaps, if you've read them once, you'll want to enjoy them again!

And remember, it's FEEDBACK FRIDAY somewhere in the world (ok, here, now) and every time you feedback you save the wales!  (ok, not really, but you will probably make someone's day, so drop 'em a line if you liked something they did!)

+ 44 Giles icons by fannishnej
+ 44 Giles icons (2nd post) by fannishnej

+ Sometimes, It's What You Don't Say (G/Xander) by satin_toile
+ Regrets, Perhaps a Few (Giles gen) by satin_toile
+ Checkmate (G/Spike) by lilithbint
+ Meeting the Prime Minister (G/Michael) by lilithbint
+ Grey Man (G/Spike) by lilithbint
+ Euphoria (G/Willow) by frellingtinked
+ White, Glass, alcohol and Hero/Heroics (G/Buffy) by secondalto
+ Resignation, Music, Laughter, and Glass (G/Buffy) by secondalto
+ Magic Ice Cream Poetry and Picture (G/Buffy) by secondalto
+ Guilt, Water, Books and TEa (G/Buffy) by secondalto
+ Candles, Dance, Computers and Hungry (G/Buffy) by secondalto