July 8th, 2006

b/g - in the library

Feedback... Saturday?! (The weekly roundup)

Well, I missed Friday by a couple of hours, but hey, that just means you get an extra post on Saturday!  And what a week it's been! This week has been wonderful, with new ships, and the comm's first threesome fics (yay!).  Also a splendid variety of artwork and stories.

Remember, everytime you feedback an angel gets it's wings!  (Ok, that may not be exactly true, but if you leave a comment you will let these authors and artists know that their hard work meant something to you!)

+ 4 Colorbars by maddogs991
+ 3 banners (and variations) by maddogs991
+ 4 Icons by maddogs991
+ 15 Icons by c_ash_flow
+ 36 Icons by literati

+ Court and Spark (G/Ethan) by anidada
+ 2 drabbles (G/Xander) by maddogs991
+ Say A Name (G/Xander-ish) by maddogs991
+ What's In A Name (G/Willow) by maddogs991
+ Recovery (G/Fred) by deviantfantasy
+ Dreamland collection (G/Wesley/Xander) by soft_princess (link to part 1/8...the rest are linked at bottom of each piece)