June 29th, 2006

Superduck (vampirefever)

Fic: Goodbye (Giles Gen)

Today is my day here - yay!

As is usual with me, faced with writing something for a challenge, my muse deserts me and leaves me with a nasty case of writers' block. This time was no exception. I started writing a dozen fics – none of them seemed to go anywhere. And then a word prompt, from the table I'm doing in another fandom, caught my eye and inspired this fic. The prompt word was 'leave'.

Thanks to bouncymonkey for the beta. I'm rather proud of this and hope you enjoy it.

The fic is predominantly - though not exclusively - a Giles gen fic and is set a good few years after 'Chosen' - no rating necessary (probably PG-13, I never can gauge these things):

Fic: Goodbye (Giles Gen)