June 24th, 2006

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Quickie Mod Post ...

Hey all!  I don't know if you've been aware of it, but the Bodice Ripper Awards are the only fan-awards entirely devoted to Giles in all of his incarnations.  mrsdrake, who runs the awards, just posted that the current nomination period is open!

If you particularly love anything you've seen here, or know someone who's created something in the past that totally deserved a reward, or have some favorite Giles gems that you would like recognized, run over and nominate!

Nomination Period -- through July 14, 2006.
Judging Period -- July 19 to August 27, 2006.

I'm also pleased to announce two new affiliates:

bodice ripper awards (currently accepting nominations)
These awards are for fanart and fanfic that center around Giles, Ripper, or any other character Anthony Stewart Head (ASH) has portrayed.

seasonal_ring (no nominations required, although if you run a comm feel free to let 'em know!)
mentalme85  made a place so we can keep track of all the seasonal communities popping up. It keeps a master list of all known seasonal communities and updates as to when new ones are created and when sign-ups are going on.
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29 random Giles icons + a friends only banner


my conribution for summer_of_giles is going to be a bit smaller than I originally hoped due to the unfortunate event of yours truly getting a job a few weeks ago :)

Let's start with a bunch of very random icons:

Collapse )

And then a Ripperesque Friends Only banner:

Collapse )

Second post will follow in about ten minutes because I left this to the last minute :)