June 16th, 2006

Buffy/Giles, BtVS

Icons/Bases: Giles through the seasons

Seven seasons (and one unaired pilot) makes 122 Giles appearances, all of which deserve their own icon.

As you'll see, these are very simple: no text, no texture, no coloring. They can be used as icons or as bases.

Because of this I would like to ask you to request/suggest text (and color) for any of the bases for tomorrow. Just tell me which base and what text you'd like on it (could be your username, could be a quote, could be something funny, anything you can come up with). You can also suggest coloring (e.g. to fit your LJ layout or your favorite color) or fonts or any other specific ideas. Just leave your idea(s) in a comment and I'll post the icon tomorrow. (You can request as many as you want!)

12. 58. 122.

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PS: I know that snowdrifted already made a beautiful post with Giles from all episodes. I still hope that you'll find something to your liking :)

b/g - in the library

Feedback Friday! (AKA: The Weekly Roundup)

It's time to feed your authors and artists... (and see if you missed any goodies this week)! 

Remember, every time you feedback, flowers will bloom in the desert (ok, not necessarily, but if you tell someone you liked the work they did you might make their day).

+ Giles Icons, from Welcome to the Hellmouth to Chosen by snowdrifted
+ Manips, Wallpapers, and Icons from wickedfox
+ Giles through the seasons from velocitygrass

+ He never met them, but what if he had? by wiccagirl24  (Crossover fics)
+ Beginnings by alexao (drabble)
+ He's shallow, like us. by alexao  (drabble)
+ A Little Giles/Jenny something something by innerhottie (Giles/Jenny)
+ Flight by kindkit (gen)