June 10th, 2006

x-files/scully gets it done

Icons: Giles from WTTH to Chosen

Hello everyone! For my entry to day I'm pleased to bring you 121 Giles icons: one from every episode he was in.

This is pretty no-fuss-no-muss, some can be shippy if you want, but it is primarily a general sampling of the Giles canon with that wonderful ensemble. I hope I didn't miss an episode from Season 7 in there, but oh dear lord don't tell me if I have. @_@ *g* Enjoy! Thank you to katekat1010 for organizing this whole event.

36. 100. 118.

( WTTH to Chosen )
b/g - in the library

Quickie Mod Post: Reminder ... new stuff

Hey guys, sorry for spamming, but I wanted to remind you all ...

Please only post *new* fanfic, icons, artwork, meta, etc. to summer_of_giles.  The whole point of this comm is to encourage new works to be created, not to have everybody take a look at things that have aready been done.  This isn't directed at anyone in specific, it's just a reminder.

So please, give us your new Giles!  *grin*  We like him so much, and there's always more to love.