June 7th, 2006

Summer with Giles drabbles

It's my day at summer_of_giles and so I present to you a number of requested drabbles, all 100 words. I hope they give enjoyment, and much thanks to katekat1010 for creating the community.

The collection includes 11 drabbles.

Giles/Dawn, Giles/Spike, Giles/Gunn, Giles/Ethan, Giles and Xander, Giles and Fred, Giles/Drusilla, Giles and Faith. All various ratings.

Summer with Giles drabble Collection
b/g - in the library

Mod Post: New Affiliate!

Hi all!  Just wanted to check in, thank you all for doing such an amazing job - it's wonderful to have seen the quality of work produced so far, and I can't wait for the next stuff!

Also, I wanted to announce we have another affiliate:  fall_for_sx !  Yippee!

(and I now leave you to go back to your regularly scheduled reading and watching!)