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Yay!  elizabuffy and I are tickled to death to welcome you all to a new season here at summer_of_giles !!!   We can't wait to see what goodies you have for us, and can't wait to spend the next two months adoring our fantastic favorite Watcher!

A couple of things to remember:
  • Please feedback!  It's the way we let the fabulous contributors know that we appreciate the time and effort they spent creating everything for us.
  • If you're a contributor and you can't make your date - let us know!!  Hey, stuff happens.  If you see that you're not going to make your sign up date, please let us know ASAP. 
  • Please follow the posting directions!  Use our tags (or have us make more), use lj cuts, give us plenty of header! Contact either elizabuffy or me if you need help.
  • Finally, have tons of fun! 

Just to really get you excited, in case you haven't checked the calendar in a while, the following fabulous Giles-lovers are posting this week:  katekat1010, elizabuffy, drsquidlove, kivrin, froxyn, alwaysjbj, devylish, shannon730, guin_ramble, ctorres, aaronlisa, and starshine24mc!

Oh, and if you're looking for a plot bunny, or a kickstart to your writing, we have a bunch of prompts that we've pulled out of our brains that are looking for adoption. They're just waiting for modification, or your creative spark to bring them to light.

  • In Tabula Rasa, what if it was Buffy, or Willow, or Tara, or Spike, or Xander who fell asleep on Giles' shoulder?   How would that smashing kiss have played out?  OR, if you're a Giles/Anya shipper, give us *your* version of what happened!

  • What if Spike and Giles fell in love (or fell in lust, or if Giles got hurt) and Spike fed him his special-vampire-blood and it created a bond?  Or ... tell us how Giles becomes the human consort of William the Bloody!

  • What if it had been Giles with Willow in Lover's Walk getting captured by Spike?  Could either be a Giles/Willow or a Giles/Spike story!

  • What if Faith had gone to Giles instead of to the Mayor in Season 3 when she was at the end of her rope?  Or what if it was Giles who went to confront her instead of Xander in Consequences?

  • How did Tara take care of Giles after Buffy died in Season 5?

  • What if Giles, at lose ends himself now that Buffy was off to her dad's, had gone with Wesley on his summer demon hunt?

  • How did Giles stop Anya from becoming a vengeance demon again after Xander left her at the alter?

  • What if Giles had mistakenly ended up with one of Ethan's costumes in Halloween?  (let's say a vampire costume?  or perhaps a wizard?  or some other costume of your devising?)

  • What if Buffy heard something *entirely* different from Giles' mind in Earshot?

  • What if hyena!Xander went after *Giles* instead of Buffy in The Pack?

  • What if Giles and Wesley had actually known each other at the Watcher's Academy?  How would that have changed Wesley's arrival?

  • What if Giles was the one who helped Cordelia buy her dress for prom, and his little comment about blueberry scones was pure jealousy?

  • What if Olivia hadn't been freaked by Giles' life in Sunnydale?

  • What if Oz's return to Sunnydale (and his appearance at Giles' apartment) was not to reconcile with Willow, but to come back to/for Giles?

  • What if Giles had actually heard Tara's side of their duet in Once More With Feeling?

  • If Xander's spell in Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered backfired COMPLETELY and had all the men (including Giles) in Sunnydale lusting after him, what would happen after?

  • Do you think Jenny would have lived if she'd called Giles the night she figured out the ensouling spell?  How would that play out?

  • What if Joyce and Giles had spent their summer (in between Season 2 & 3) reconciling and searching for Buffy together as a team?

  • What if, during Band Candy, Ethan had swung by to spy on Giles?

  • What if the mixing and matching of Willow's "my will be done" spell in Something Blue had meant that Giles was engaged to someone?  (Take your pick: Xander, Spike, Anya, Buffy...heck, Riley? *grin*)

OR, if you have plot bunnies looking for adoption that are about Giles, leave 'em as a comment to this post!

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