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Let me tell you a little story, bout an ordinary man...


Rating: PG



Apologies to ASH for giving him Marlon Brando's body. He suits it well though.


Taking up the mantle of Watcher to the slayer, Buffy Summers, in Sunnydale,  Rupert Giles was an English gentleman. Born into a family of watcher's and raised from an early age to assume the mantle. He came with certain expectations of the slayer who would be his to mould and train, as they worked together on their sacred mission, to protect the world from the monsters of the night. Oh dear.


He'd no idea what he'd gotten himself into, or where it would lead him, or the many roles he'd take on, as he attempted to fulfill his duties.


At first, he hung out in the Sunnydale High school library, his command central, surrounded by the great love of his life - books.


I mean he was there a lot, in those early days. But then he was the school librarian by day, a cover for his true purpose in life. To protect the world through the 'Chosen One' while the citizens of Sunnydale went about their daily lives, unaware of the danger that surrounded them.


By night, he patrolled the cemeteries and dark places of the city with his slayer, watching, supporting and teaching. His feelings for her began to grow into a fatherly love. They had a rocky relationship though, much like any normal father/daughter one, really.


Giles found solace in his music. He could let go the responsibilities and decisions he made every day. For a little while.


Because at heart, he was a good man. He just had a difficult job, that sometimes meant he had to do unpleasant things for the greater good.


To save the future of the world.


Sometimes he was called to use his knowledge of magicks, to battle the darker side.


Like all fathers, there comes a time when you must let your child fly on their own. Sometimes, it's hard to see when that time has come and where to take the relationship to.


All things considered, Rupert Giles didn't do too badly, for a former rebellious teen, former librarian, former watcher. Along with his Slayer and their little band, he helped save the world.
A lot.

I'd just like to say a word of thanks to the mods of this community. I came to this fandom with an obsession for Spike. I liked the charachter of Rupert Giles, but I've never really spent a lot of time with him. Signing up for this round of Summer of Giles has made me have a deeper look at him. I've enjoyed that look. I hope my contribution shows this. I hope it is a worthy tribute to a fine charachter in a well loved show, and the finer actor that played him.
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