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Vid: Heart, Body and Soul (Giles/Buffy) NSFW

The second post of the day and the second Buffy/Vamp!Giles video. Due to the copyright issues with YouTube (where they may or may not appear), I'll put all the videos on Vimeo. It's also possible to download these videos from there.

Title: Heart, Body and Soul
Pairing: Buffy/Vamp!Giles
Rating: FRT (Just to be on the safe side)
Warnings: Not the happiest of vids.
Summary: Ever since Giles was turned into a vampire, Buffy's relationship with Riley has been on the rocks. Riley doesn't understand why Buffy can't just kill Giles and move on. Even Buffy herself can't explain why she's unable to resist Giles. What will happen when they reach their breaking point?

(AU) Buffy/Vamp!Giles - Heart, Body and Soul from polly1esther on Vimeo.

Tags: art rating: nsfw, art: vid, giles/buffy, z_creator: polly1esther
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