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Vid: "Dreaming I'm Alive" (Giles/Buffy) NSFW

Hey guys! This will be the first of my three posts today, and the first one of my two Buffy/Vamp!Giles videos. I'll put the two Vamp!Giles videos under separate posts simply to make it clear that even though both of them have Giles as a vampire, the vids have different storylines and the one doesn't affect the other at all. As you can probably tell by the state that Giles is in, this is an AU video and has nothing to do with canon. Same goes for the other two videos.

The reason for my current vampire-Giles obsession can be traced back to wickedfox's site Just A Bit Wicked where I drooled over her extraordinary manips. The generous person that she is, she let me use them as I saw fit, so the Giles picture manip in this video is indeed snagged from her site. (The Buffy/Giles pic manip is my own.)

Due to the copyright issues with YouTube (where they may or may not appear), I'll put all the videos on Vimeo. It's also possible to download these videos from there.

Without further ado, here's the first video. I hope you can forgive me the lack of fangs. And Celine Dion. ;)

Title:"Dreaming I'm Alive"
Pairing: Buffy/Vamp!Giles
Warnings: Very dark and violent. You might find some of the images disturbing. I hope the loud sound at the beginning won't freak you out too much.
Summary: Soon after Buffy and Giles got married, Giles was bitten by a vampire. Buffy knows what needs to be done when she waits at his grave site. What she doesn't know is that disoriented Giles has already risen and is now after her. The only glimmer of hope for them is the bond they once shared. It is yet to be broken, and for Buffy's sake, Giles tries to hang on to that shred of humanity left inside him.

(AU) Buffy/Vamp!Giles - "Dreaming I'm Alive" from polly1esther on Vimeo.

Tags: art rating: nsfw, art: vid, giles/buffy, rating: pg/frt, z_creator: polly1esther
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