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16 April 2017 @ 08:45 pm

After 11 years on Livejournal, we've taken the decision to move this comm to dreamwidth. The archive has been imported over in anticipation for 2017 (with sign ups commencing from the end of this month). The entries over here will not be deleted and will remain available for comments for as long as LJ allows. As with last year, we will continue to cross post to tumblr and will be happy to work with anyone who doesn't want to create a dreamwidth account by posting on their behalf.

For more information please click here.

27 April 2017 @ 12:19 pm

The sign-up post for 2017 is now up at our spanking new DREAMWIDTH site . Please come over and join us for our TWELFTH Glorious Year!
05 September 2016 @ 10:56 pm
Title: Somewhere Close By
          Part 1: Lost and Found
          Part 2: Early Morning Wake-Up Call
          Part 3: Not for the Faint of Heart
Author: Quaggy
Rating: G/FRC
Setting: Post-Chosen; no comics and no references to Angel Season 5
Pairings: Giles/Buffy
Notes: I apologize for the delay in posting this final part. I seemed to have been wrestling with it all summer (and a big thank you to littleotter73 for listening to me moan about it all summer!). I suppose it's appropriate that I'm finally posting on Labor Day, since that's traditionally been considered the end of summer in the States. Thank you to all for a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to next year already! (Oh, and I've posted it on AO3 for those that prefer that platform. I'll eventually put it up on FF.Net too.)

Not for the Faint of HeartCollapse )
30 August 2016 @ 11:18 pm
Sorry this was SO, SO late, real-life stuff hit me with a vengeance. (Also, as sometimes happens, the story turned out longer than expected.) So:

Title: the Final Cut
Author: aadler
Genre: AU, ‘what if?’, with action and character interplay
Rating: PG13 (strong violence)
Characters: Giles, Xander, Ethan
Teaser: A rescue that doesn’t go exactly as planned, with more than a few unexpected lessons learned.

the Final Cut, Part 3
the Final Cut, Part 4
the Final Cut, Epilogue

01 August 2016 @ 02:01 pm

Wow! What a fantastic two months we’ve had celebrating the life and times of Rupert Giles and I can’t believe Summer of Giles is over! On behalf of il_mio_capitano and myself, I’d like to thank each and every one of you - the creators, the contributors, the readers, viewers, and participants - for raising the bar year after year and keeping Giles in our hearts and minds. This year we had 54 entries over 61 days! You guys rock!

As a new mod, I have learned a bit from my time running things, things I might have learned earlier had I been paying more attention years prior when katekat and il_mio_capitano were running things. One of the things I will do in the future is put back the reminder of who is on deck for the following week at the end of each round up post, so there is less chance of people missing (or almost missing) their dates. And I do apologise for the lack of pretties to pass out at the end of the season. I am no artist, but we will figure out something to commemorate participation next year!

I’d like to thank the comm owner and my co-mod il_mio_capitano for her unwavering support. She’s amazing as always. I’d also like to thank saxnfoos for her beautiful Summer of Giles banners and icons that she created for this year’s SoG. Since I am so art challenged, that was a huge hurdle to overcome and she stepped in as a first time contributor and nailed it! And I personally want to thank you all again for treating me and your fellow fans to so many wonderful works featuring my favourite character in the Buffyverse. You guys rock! So, please come back next year (and bring friends)!

Also, for those of you who haven’t finished your fics, please don’t fret. We will be moving to moderated posting, however, you may continue to post your unfinished SoG stories to their conclusions. We don’t want you to lose your audience and we are anxiously waiting to read the rest.

Until next year!

littleotter73 and il_mio_capitano
01 August 2016 @ 01:45 pm
Well, my lovelies, we have made it to the last round up for this year’s Summer of Giles. Our Watcher has been on quite the ride this summer and he continues to experience all the love this community has for him.

This week in fic, Giles started off on a dangerous adventure to save Jenny in a season 2 AU enlisting Ethan for help and reluctantly accepting help from Xander, then, in the next story he found the beginnings of love with Joyce after performing at The Espresso Pump’s open mic night, next he explored his unrequited love for his Slayer over the seasons and beyond. He found resolution and redemption in the final installment of The Chronicles of Ripper: Guilt. In a suspenseful story, Giles finds himself up on Dartmoor as a child of eleven experiencing his first encounter with the supernatural; and in another story, at the conclusion of Chosen, Giles finds himself tending to Buffy as she begins to suffer the effects of blood loss from the stab wound she received at the hands of a Turok-Han during the final battle. And last but not least, our Watcher sits down to a naughty luncheon with the junior Watcher from season 3.

In art, our lovely and talented artists submitted wallpapers: one of Giles and Buffy, another of a young Giles and Jenny, and the last of Giles and Oz, with Oz following in Giles’ footsteps.

And finally we were treated to a lovely fanvid of Giles and Buffy trying to work it out during season 7.

Please take a moment, to read, view, and watch this week’s offerings and if you have missed anything over the past two months, feel free to check out the round up posts and catch up! And please remember to leave feedback for our contributors. We definitely want to see them back next year!

A thank you post will follow. :)

+ The Final Cut Part 1/4 (Giles, Xander, Ethan FRT) by aadler

+ The Final Cut Part 2/4 (Giles, Xander, Ethan FRT) by aadler

+ Someone (Or The Watcher’s Night Off Continues) (Giles/Joyce FRC) by feliciacraft

+ Slayer and Watcher (Giles/Buffy FRC) by katleept

+ The Chronicles of Ripper: Guilt Part III (Giles, Ethan with references to Giles/Ethan FRT) by will_conqueror1

+ The Dartmoor Incident (Giles, FRT) by littleotter73

+ What’s Next (Giles/Buffy, FRT) by quaggy_mire

+ Lunch (Giles/Wesley, FRAO) by darkheartwalsh

+ Giles/Buffy Wallpaper (Giles/Buffy, SFW) by angelus2hot

+ Young Love (Giles/Jenny, SFW) by emmatheslayer

+ Books Love and More Books (Giles/Oz, SFW) by emmatheslayer

+ We Can Work It Out (Giles, Buffy, FRC) by amyfawlty
31 July 2016 @ 11:00 pm
Title: Lunch
Author: DHW
Rating: FRAO
Pairing: Giles/Wesley
Word Count: 1008

Summary: Two Watchers have lunch. Well, one Watcher has lunch. The other... helps.

A/N: littleotter73 assures me that it is still the 31st somewhere in the world, so I'm only mildly cheating. =D

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31 July 2016 @ 02:08 pm
Title: What's Next? (Part of a larger, still-unfinished work)
Author: Quaggy
Rating: PG/FRT (Swearing)
Setting: Post-Chosen, immediately after.
Pairings: Giles/Buffy-ish (kind of, maybe)
Notes: I'm still working on the third part of Somewhere Close By. While I'm hoping I'll be done by tonight, I wanted to offer something up just in case. This is the first scene of a slightly longer work called Denouement, but I think it can hold up as a one-shot. (A few weeks ago, I had delusions that I would be able to finish both of these fics for today. Life, as it does, made short work of those plans.)
Summary:  In the moments after Sunnydale was destroyed, Giles tends to his Slayer.

In the moments after Sunnydale fell...Collapse )
31 July 2016 @ 11:52 am
this was a crazy idea I had where oz just loves giles so much he gets the same job

artCollapse )
31 July 2016 @ 10:54 am
Title: The Dartmoor Incident
Author: littleotter73
Characters: Giles, Original Characters
Setting: Pre-series, Giles is eleven years old
Rating: FRT
Summary: Every Summer Giles visits his aunt and uncle. When he is eleven years old, he ventures up onto the moor and has his first supernatural encounter.
Disclaimer: Just for fun, not profit
A/N: I didn't have a beta for this story, so all mistakes are mine. However, I do want to thank il_mio_capitano for her suggestions.

The Dartmoor IncidentCollapse )

31 July 2016 @ 07:00 am
I am very bad and forgot my posting day. Sorry!!!! Here is the video I had intended to post. I may have another one later today. So happy this open day is here at the end to save me.

I'm trying another video site since youtube slapped a copyright thing on a different video. Let me know if there are any problems.

Title: The Chronicles of Ripper: Guilt Part III
Parts I and II can be found Here: Part I Part II
Author: will_conqueror1
Rating: FRT, though there are some rather crude innuendos, if you think I should up the rating I will.
Pairing: Giles/Ethan implied. There’s really nothing more than innuendo, even in the flashback scenes where I imply that they are lovers.
Summary: The second installment in The Chronicles of Ripper. Takes place in 1980, three years after Randall’s death. Giles can’t sleep and he goes to an old friend for help.
Note: It’s not necessary to read the first story in the series, but you can if you want. It can be found here
A/N: Don't worry I didn't forget and miss my posting day, it's still July 30th in my timezone.
Word Count: ~4000 words for this part. ~9000 for all three parts.
Read more...Collapse )
31 July 2016 @ 12:20 am
Title: Slayer and Watcher
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Giles/Buffy
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: For the 2016 summer_of_giles fest
Warning(s): Character Deaths, AU
Word Count: 2,411
Date Written: 25 July 2016
Summary: There's a prophecy about Slayers and their Watchers that Giles has kept hidden all this time.Collapse )
29 July 2016 @ 09:10 pm
Title: the Final Cut
Author: aadler
Genre: AU, ‘what if?’, with action and character interplay
Rating: PG13 (strong violence)
Characters: Giles, Xander, Ethan
Teaser: A rescue that doesn’t go exactly as planned, with more than a few unexpected lessons learned.

the Final Cut, Part 2

Hello, everyone! Thanks to the mods for hosting this wonderful space for all Giles fans! And thank you to my fellow fans! I'd hoped to have a long fic done by my posting day. Except RL had other plans for me. Oh well, may I present a short fic for your amusement:

Title: Someone (Or, The Watcher's Night Off Continues)
Characters: Giles/Joyce (BtVS)
Setting: Season 4
Length: ~1330
Rated: G
Author's Note: This ficlet can be read as a standalone, or as Part 3 of a trio of Musical Giles shorts. The other two stories are: Part 1: "Lust at First Sight" (Giles, OC; Length: 572, PG). Part 2: "The Watcher's Night Off" (Giles; Length: 340, G). Unbeta'd as I just wrote it this morning in a fit of panic. RL, yo.
Feedback: Yes, yes, yes!!! Won't you please be so kind?

Gathering up his guitar and sheet music, Giles bowed graciously and murmured thank-you’s amidst a thunderous applause, a little dumbfounded at the warm reception....
28 July 2016 @ 10:34 am
This story is almost but not quite complete. Other parts will be posted every day or so.

Title: the Final Cut
Author: aadler
Genre: AU, ‘what if?’, with action and character interplay
Rating: PG13 (strong violence)
Characters: Giles, Xander, Ethan
Teaser: A rescue that doesn’t go exactly as planned, with more than a few unexpected lessons learned.

the Final Cut, Part 1

27 July 2016 @ 04:42 pm
For my last day I bring a Giles/Buffy wallpaper.

Want/Take/Have and edit as you please.

I won't ever let you goCollapse )

26 July 2016 @ 10:40 am

Sorry I am late with the round up post. I was away this past weekend and was unable to hop online. As such, I am going to do one that includes everything posted in the last week up until today.

This past week (and a few days) we were treated to a variety of fanfic, fanvids, and fanart!

In fiction, Giles and Xander bonded while going to the mall to get new running shoes for Giles and see a movie, we were treated to a set of haikus exploring Giles’ inner musings during certain episodes, a doctor from the hospital had some insights regarding Giles and his relationships with his friends and his role in Sunnydale, Giles and Willow grapple with their mutual attraction during the events at Lowell House in an AU of Season 4’s Where the Wild Things Are, and we got a glimpse of what happened on Giles’ first day at Sunnydale High.

Two fanvids were submitted this past week, the first is an AU where Giles falls in love with a young student and then leaves Sunnydale for a teaching position at the Watchers Academy to avoid temptation, and the second was a general fanvid exploring Giles and the Scoobies’ adventures in Sunnydale.

In art, we had a wallpaper showing the many faces of Rupert Giles, another wallpaper depicting Giles during Season 4’s Restless, and finally a sketch of season 1 Giles and Buffy.

+ Giles in Five Unexpected Places: The Mall (Giles, Xander FRC) by lycomingst

+ Giles Haikus For the Fun of It (Giles FRC) by saxnfoos

+ The English Patient (Giles, Gen FRC) by punch_kicker15

+ You Make My Heart Sing (Giles/Willow FRT) by punch_kicker15

+ The First Day (Giles, Willow FRT) by horrorfangirl

+ In the Depth of Night (Giles/Willow FRC) by gilescandy

+ Alone Now (Giles, Scoobies FRC) by gilescandy

+ Giles Wallpapers (Giles SFW) by saxnfoos

+ Wallpaper - Restless (Giles SFW) by spikesredqueen

+ Giles the Watcher (Giles, Buffy SFW) by kuwlshadow
26 July 2016 @ 08:00 am
Title: Giles the Watcher
Artist: kuwlshadow
Characters: Giles, Buffy
Rating: G
Medium: Pencil, Copic Marker, Photoshop

ArtworkCollapse )