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27 May 2016 @ 03:22 pm

Go on. You know you want to... summer_of_giles starts next week and it's not too late to book your day. See the Master Calendar for what is free and add your name to the sign up post.

23 April 2016 @ 03:40 pm
Yes! It's that glorious time of year again when we open sign-ups for Summer-of-Giles!

And so our 11th festival of Giles begins. Fiction, graphics, videos, fanmixs, meta, etc etc. Every original contribution of any kind is welcomed and given a comfy seat. Please check out the sign-up post for details of how to arrange your posting days and the Master Calendar to see what is available. We remain primarily a comm on livejournal but will be pimping on tumblr as well as accepting sign-ups from people who are only on tumblr.

Your mods for this year are il_mio_capitano and littleotter73 . The most efficient way to get in touch if you have any questions is by emailing us at summerofgiles @ gmail dot com.

Lovely banner for this year is kindly provided by saxnfoos

23 April 2016 @ 03:02 pm
Welcome to the 2016 summer_of_giles! We hope you're ready to once again celebrate two months of Giles-y goodness! Remember, from June through July this site will be devoted to Rupert Giles, our favorite Watcher, librarian, sometime magician, smart, occasionally sarcastic, warm-eyed, sexy and protective man from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you're hesitant about signing up (say you had a date last year but you didn't make it, or you're feeling shy) - please sign up for a day! We welcome everybody! Especially if you want to get your toes wet for the first time in making something fandom related!

This year we are also accepting contributions posted on tumbr. Please see below for details.


Sign Ups start - Now!!!
Sign Ups end - May 30th, 2016

Master List Calendar: Check it out here!

Posting Begins - June 1st, 2016
Posting Ends - July 31st, 2016


How To Sign Up:

So, you'd like to join and do something (fic, icons, headers, drabbles, vid, meta) for summer_of_giles? YAY! We're happy to have you!

1) Just check out the master list calendar to see which days are open HERE
We are allowing two people to sign-up for every day (so don't be afraid if your chosen day already has a name).
We are also allowing each person to sign up for up to THREE days if you want to. (Just 3 though, ok?) You *do not* have to sign up for three days - one is great!

This year we are also accepting email sign-ups for users who aren't on LJ but wish to participate via tumblr. Our email address is summerofgiles @ gmail dot com.

2) Comment to this post or email summerofgiles @ gmail dot com with the following information:

Tumblr poster only: Yes / No
Preferred posting date:
Do you want a second day: Yes / No
If yes, 2nd Preferred posting date:
Do you want a third day: Yes / No
If yes, 3rd Preferred posting date:
What kind of Giles-y thing will you do?: (graphics/manip/icons? drabble? fic? meta?)

3) You will be notified of confirmation of your day. To post on LJ you will need to join the community (so you can post on your days) and friend it (so you can see other contributions)! To post on Tumblr please tag the account @summerofgiles so we can reblog it and put a link on LJ too.

4) Go, create! Write, draw, icon, vid something, anything about Giles.

5) Post your creation on the day you requested.

6) Feedback other creators, have Gilesy discussions, and bask in the reflected Giles-love!

Quick links:
If you have any questions at all, please email summerofgiles @ gmail dot com and we will be happy to help.
Check this list for open days!! Remember, we allow two people per day to sign up, and you can sign up for *three* days if you would like (but also you do not have to)! When you've decided which days you want to choose then go HERE TO SIGN UP.

last updated: see in title

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09 April 2016 @ 12:00 pm

Winner - Summer of Giles (Moderators – Katekat1010, Il_Mio_Capitano)

“For ten years Giles fans from around the world have gathered every summer to share their fics and art focused on our favorite Watcher. Even as some have faded away, every year new talented people join this community and are welcome with love, open arms, and lots of encouraging comments. SoG is one of my favorite times of the year.”

Many thanks to all who voted for the comm. We are thrilled and very proud to be of service. Watch this space because coming soon... Summer of Giles 2016!
I hate, just hate, to leave this pretty sight...

But it's that time again. The time for another year of Summer of Giles to come to a close. I hope you've had as much fun as your mods have, and have reveled in the amazing fiction and beautiful arts created by you and your fellow Giles!lovers. Thank you again to every person who came back to celebrate again this year - old friends and new, those who took one day and those who took quite a few. And to everyone who contributed to our free-for-all days to make even those fabulous parties!

As a thank you we have the following awards for you, EVERY ONE OF YOU. If you left a single comment to any of our posters, please take one. If you posted a single line of fic, please take one. If you made a single icon, please take one. If you made something awesome, please take one! Without you this community would not be possible, and YOU make it great every single year! SERIOUSLY THANK YOU!Collapse )

Now, on a more personal note,

concerning the future of Summer of GilesCollapse )

Thanks for some unspeakably mind-blowing years, Giles!lovers! Good luck! Happy Days! And may all of your favorite Watcher's futures be as amazing as these years have been for me!
01 August 2015 @ 11:53 am
There's going to be another, longer message to you all in a little bit, but we had an absolutely amazing bunch of posts this last week to close out our summer! Thank you to all of our fic writers who contributed new fictions and to well-loved stories, to our vidders who gave us new pretties, and we got a couple of graphics. If you have the chance go back and thank everyone one more time for their fabulous contributions!

+ Lies My Lover Told Me (G/Olivia, PG) by shapinglight
+ Need To Talk (G & Xander, T) by horrorfangirl
+ Gotta get with the times - however reluctantly (G/Xander, T) by reremouse
+ One of these Days (G/Ethan, PG) by sparrow2000
+ Sad That You Can't Hear (G/Jenny, G) by dragonyphoenix
+ Magister 3 Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8 (G/Willow, NC17) by gilescandy
+ Vitality (G/Buffy, FRM) by will_conqueror1

+ Saturday Night (Giles/Joyce, PG) by rbfvid
+ To Sir With Love (G & Buffy, G) by amyfawlty

+ 14 Giles Icons (worksafe) by katekat1010
+ Fic Poster for Pookitoots (Giles, worksafe) by katekat1010
31 July 2015 @ 08:46 pm

Title: Vitality
Author: Jen
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Timeline: Season 7, Post-Chosen
Rating: FRM
Summary: Buffy and Giles celebrate their victory over The First, and finally have a conversation long overdue. Sequel to my 2012 Summer of Giles fic “Mortality”
Word Count: 2,191

Author’s Note: This is my fifth year in a row I’ve participated in Summer of Giles. I’m really excited to be back. I recently graduated from university, and with all the excitement I forgot to sign up for a day, so I’m posting on the free post day. I was originally planning to write something else, but I couldn’t get it finished in time, maybe I'll have it ready for next summer. I hope this is okay, I started this morning and sent it to the_huffsterfor a once over.

A/N 2: This story is a sequel, you don’t have to read the first part, Mortality, but you can if you want. If you do you may notice that I said I was planning to make it a two part series and that I hoped to have the second post done by free for all day. Little did I know it would take me three years to make it happen.

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Read and review if you have time. I love feedback.

31 July 2015 @ 07:58 pm

I've got some more for the last day.  I love you guys!  And thank you all for another wonderful summer!
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31 July 2015 @ 01:12 pm
For pookitoots who was the other person (along with gilescandy, the_huffster and protoneoromanic who I made posters for earlier in the summer), who signed up for THREE days this summer...

Prison Changes A Man

(made before she posted her awesome poster that she made herself...lolz. click the little image for the full size version)
Yay I made my second vid in time for the last day!! I will miss Summer of Giles.

Approaching graduation Buffy reflects on the mentor/Watcher/friend who played such an important role in her high school years.

Title: Sad That You Can't Hear
Characters: Giles
Word Count: 517
Note: I hadn't planned another post for this season's Summer of Giles, but I was listening to Cat Steven's How Can I Tell You and some of the lyrics gave me an idea: after Jenny's death, Rupert talks to her, speaking to her as if she were there. This scene would not be the first scene but I came up with the idea on Wednesday and haven't had time to explore it in depth, meaning this is the only scene I've written so far.

Edit (4 Aug 2015): Nominated for the 2015 No Rest for the Wicked Awards
No Rest for the Wicked Awards Nominee

Edit (10 Aug 2015): Nominated for the Sunny D Awards
Nominated for Sunny D Awards 2012

Edit (2 Jan 2016): Nominated at the Headline Awards in the Twosome of Cuteness category.
Edit (20 Jan 2016): Runner-up in the Twosome of Cuteness category.
Sad That You Can"t Hear.png
‘Sad That You Can’t Hear’ is the epitome of tragic romance. The beautiful writing makes us grieve along with Giles as he mourns his lost Jenny, in a story that brings her vividly to life in so many ways, painfully underlining the gnawing absence at the heart of the story. In canon, we lose Jenny Calendar pretty quickly. This emotional tale reminds us that for Giles, love lasted much longer.

Edit (4 Feb 2016): Nominated at Round 11 of Running With Scissors.

At first, Rupert had seen her everywhere. That had faded with time but he had thought he might have this once final glance, perhaps waiting by the pond? She wasn"t there, of course. His gaze dropped to her tombstone. The pale granite glowed as brightly as she ever had. The bronze marker, dull even in the bright sunlight, spelled out her name: Jennifer Calendar.Collapse )
31 July 2015 @ 12:51 pm
Title: One of these Days
Author: sparrow2000
Characters: Giles/Ethan
Warnings: Slash(ish)
Disclaimer: Joss and Mutant Enemy et al, own everything. I own nothing.
Summary: In the aftermath of Eyghon, Giles is falling apart
Comments and feedback are cuddled and called George
Beta extraordinaire: thismaz
Written for 2015 summer_of_giles

For my first summer_of_giles story this year, I gave poor Giles some post-series angst in Being Normal, so it seemed only fitting to bookend it with some pre-series angst, because I just love to make the poor man suffer :)

Thanks again to katekat1010 and il_mio_capitano for being brilliant mods and to everyone who makes this community such a pleasure to hang out in every year.

One of these Days
In which Giles gets with the times, which march on as times do. He may be mellowing in his dotage. Or not. Probably not.

Right over here at your friendly neighborhood rere's A03 page

Thanks, Kate, for allowing me to post at the end. I hope this is as fun to read as it was to write.
29 July 2015 @ 04:38 pm

Okay, folks! Here it is, my finale story for this year's Summer_of_Giles. I hope you like it.

Title: The Need To Talk.

Author: horrorfangirl

Fandom: BTVS

Summary: After Buffy sends Giles away Xander goes in search of him, and convinces the Watcher to work things out with his Slayer.

Time-line: Season 7 (no comics)

Disclaimer: The characters used in this story belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox. No copyright infringement is intended.

Characters: Rupert Giles, Xander Harris (No ship)

Word Count: 311

Rated: Teen.

The Need To TalkCollapse )

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28 July 2015 @ 01:53 pm
Hello. It's my second posting day today, and here's my offering. Thanks to the mods and all the wonderful contributors for keeping the Giles love going.

Setting: BtVS season 7, five days after the end of Chosen
Pairing: Giles/Olivia
Rating: PG
Beta: Many thanks to rebcake for read-through and suggestions. All mistakes are of course mine.
Disclaimer: Not for profit, please don't sue, etc.
Giles is a bit rude about California at one point in this story. Sorry about that. I loved California when I was there. On the other hand, I didn't spend all my time fighting vampires, demons and the forces of darkness.

Lies My Lover Told Me

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27 July 2015 @ 07:09 am
Rating: PG
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Snyder
Pairing: Giles/Joyce
Song: ‘Saturday Night’ by Bay City Rollers
Huge thanks to gilescandy for beta!

"Band Candy" episodic vid. Just because there should be more Giles vids on "Bay City Rollers" songs.

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